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Andrew Crayford

Art & Photographic Model.

Andrew Crayford

Art & Photographic Model

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Andrew has experience with many distinguished institutes, artists and projects.

These are some examples.

British Museum

Andrew has modeled for two documentaries for the British Museum, “Michelangelo – Closer to the Master” and “The Discus Thrower”.  The DVD of the former has been the highest grossing in the Museum’s history.

Royal Academy

In 2018, and again in 2019, the Royal Academy broadcast Life Drawing sessions –  for which Andrew has been the model on both occasions.  These broadcasts are streamed live on social media, attracting an estimated 100,000 viewers worldwide, and remain online and viewable on YouTube.

Courtauld Gallery

To mark the 250th anniversary of the Royal Acedemy, the Courtauld Gallery hosted a special event  for which Andrew was the model.  The original location of the Academy was the Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House.

Life Drawing Gymnasia

In 2016 Andrew created the concept of the Life Drawing Gymnasia, which seeks to take control of the artistic direction and creative process of life modeling as an art form. It is an interactive multi-model fusion of dance, yoga and acrobatics – and creating classical tableaux – set to music.

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Figure Drawing for Concept Artists

Figure Drawing for Concept Artists by Kan Muftic was published on 3D Total Publishing in 2017.  Andrew is featured on the from cover and throughout the book in photos and artwork.  The book has been widely successful around the world and continues to be one of the most popular figurative art books on the market

3D Sculpture & Photography

Scott Eaton is a renowned digital animator, artist and photographer.  Andrew has collaborated with Scott on many projects over the last 10 years, including digital sculpture, 3D photography, and his latest project – Creative AI.  Thousands of digital artists around the world have enrolled in the online course and sculpted Andrew from reference photos – making him possibly the most sculpted man in history!

Industry Workshops

Industry Workshops is an annual convention of digital artists and animators working in games, film, video and other creative design media.  Since its inception in 2014, Andrew has been invited to model for life drawing sessions to enable and encourage these artists to work from life rather than reference models.

Legend of Tarzan

Andrew was the model for the pre-production storyboard by Framestore Animation. This was part of the proposal presentation to Warner Bros which led to the movie’s release in 2016.

Henry Yan

Henry Yan has visited England annually to teach at London Fine Art Studios. Andrew has modeled for these summer workshops every year since 2015. The artwork Henry has produced from these workshops has sold almost immediately.



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For some, modelling is just that: strike a pose, hold it as best you can and switch off.  For Andrew however, it is an art form.

His poses are pushed to the very limit of what is physically possible in order to ignite the observer.

Andrew is not just an object to draw from, but an art entity collaborating with the artist.  My work is better because of him and I am lucky to call him a friend.

Kan Muftic